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I Love You!

Oh wow... did the hair turn out good? I hope so...anywhoo.... I want you to come to my bar wed. night.... i am gonnin be in the pudding wrestling match! I wanna win..... if i do i win 50$ wooo wooo....lol I love you baby doll.... whatever happened to you calling me on the thursday after you coloerd my hair? i needed it cut! oh well... it still looks good. and it is softer than fuck.. thank you so much for doing it. i love it..... and thnx for the other shit u put in my hair to make it as soft as it is....I love you babydoll i am gonna get back to adding pics to my myspace and playing spider solitare! or however you spell that! I love you! KUV HLUB KOJ! ( <-- I love you in mung)
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