Jake (lilblackbook) wrote,

I don't fuckin believe this

how can you stick up for them when like 2 weeks ago we were both bitch....am I the only one that thinks she's wrong??? Yoou and dawn seem to back them up now! I ahte it...grr they are always together and never leave each others side...it's so damn sickening! I fuckin hate this! I am so alone when I come here it is not even funnie...no niki...no don...no viki nor dawn! you no what just fuck it...because now I feel bad because I am not gonna be there for her while she is cryin...I can't! I can't do this becuse like I said before it is not only her going through it it is us too because we are here all the time! And no more bitchin about lyin because how many times does she lye...."it'll be better now" but yet it's worse...fuck it!
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