Jake (lilblackbook) wrote,


I dont fuckin get it...why the fuck to you,Niki and sometimes dawn whenever you feel the need just bite my head off for the stupidest shit in the world?!? your fine one minute and the next you fuckin hate me...I dont get it! I just asked to stop swearing because i was on the phone with my mom....I dont swear at my mom that often I am sorry.....or even around her for that matter!
Am I just an easy target?!? Are you really my friend or just when you need me to be?!? I just dont feel I am...and I am realizing you trteat me like shit....I am sorry but like the other day when I asked you to stop hitting me...you blew up...you dont realize it but you hit hard! grrr...I just always TRY to be nice and everything but but for some reason I am the one to get blown up on...fuck that...who are my friends....I know ...or think dawn is but who else....I dont feel you and niki are because look how you treat me....! this is how I feel that you feel I am not being a bitch but....hey!
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