Jake (lilblackbook) wrote,

read it bitch

Viki I love you and i love Mark *not like that eww no offense* but this is getting alittle outta hand...but i love you and that was a stupid mistake to sleep with you i just wish he couls trust me and most of all YOU....I love you and i need you back, i know you arre there for me and this sounds selfish but i get you in trouble EVERYTIME we talk on the phone and i dont like that...I dont like coming in between yous and Mark's relationship...I dont like being the reason you too fight...I hate it because i know that Mark is one of the best things thats ever happend to you but i want you back.... i know i am grounded but i love you and miss you and like dawn said we are falling apart all of us! I love you and i will talk to you later...i hope you get this!
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